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Saul Kim

Advisor: Preston Scott Cohen

Preston Scott Cohen, Inc, Design Principal

Harvard GSD Fall 2019

Lebanon, New York


Shaker architecture was developed from their
belief of equality and separation between men and women. Spaces of men and women were divided equally within a single building and they cannot be mixed. Hence, the Shaker architecture had very evident symmetry in both elevation and plan. There would also be duality of elements within the building, such as having two staircases placed side by side, one for men and the other for women. There would also be symmetrical doors that contains very different programs behind them, such as a corridor versus a bedroom.


The playfulness within the spatial planning from duality gives Shaker architecture the unique user experience. This project sets a scenario of the Shaker buildings become ruins as the ground changes overtime. It involves reconstructing the interior of Shaker buildings that are distorted in different ways. The newly constructed interior would introduce new ways of retaining the characteristics of Shaker architecture.

Exhibition Gallery - Vertical Shift


Woodshop - Horizontal Shift


Post Shaker 3 - 1
Post Shaker 3 - 2
Post Shaker 3 - 3
Post Shaker 3 - 4

Residential - Warp


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